About me

Hi everyone! 
I'm Samanta Šabić and welcome to my world! 
Since I was a little girl the stage, cameras, performances and other things to include were always close to me. For years I was a dancer and modeling was one of my many hobbies so I've always admired and observe people or I should say the artists who were always around me. Costume and fashion designers, stylist, hairstylist, makeup artist, creative directors, performers... generally the world in which such things revolve impressed me already at a young age. I always say that details increase the value of everything and create a mystery, so without that there is no fantasy! I just knew that I found my passion. Since I remember I was always putting my creative ideas on paper, sketching, drawing clothes, costumes, everything that inspired me. I think that everybody should be a little bit creative and just show their artistic side.
Hope you will enjoy reading my blog! xoxo SHABICH
What is SHABICH?
Shabich is a place where I can share with you my point of view about fashion, style and beauty.
Shabich is fashion and costume designer, fashion stylist and consultant and creative director of many projects. 

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