Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valley of Rings

Let's dive into a treasure chest of hand accessories. When it comes to jewelry, sometimes more is more more. The sublime beauty story highlights striking accessories that embody a futuristic and fashion-forward air. These theatrical and artfully crafted accessories are brought to life by model Maša Ponikvar from Empreus dance group. The image series defies and shines a light on geometric, metallic and sculptural accessories that are bold and unique in their aesthetic. Thanks to photographer Sara Žigon, who put my vision on photos. Nothing better than to work with people who understand and challenge each other professionally.
Photography | Sara Žigon
Model | Maša Ponikvar | Empreus dance group
Styling | Samanta Šabić SHABICH
Creative director | Samanta Šabić SHABICH
Jewelery | SHABICH


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