Friday, November 11, 2016

My Bershka Planner Review

I love stationary. Like, seriously love it. When I was a kid my favorite thing about going back to school was buying new pens, pencils, markers, notebooks... etc. Even now, I still get a bit girly over a nice notebook or a planner. 

I love getting organized, and color-coding, and writing everything down. I love planning for the year and setting goals and working towards them. Planners. I love them, because that’s where I get to do all of those things!! So I decided to share with you my bloggies a close up look at the Planner I bought in Bershka store. Maybe this will be the planner for your coup of tea!
I love the illustrations at the start of every month’s section, I can't choose my favorite because all the illustrations are so damn cute! I may even tear some of the pages out when I’m done with this to stick it on my wall, or do some paper collage with them, they’re so cool!
It’s insanely cute and girly, I mean look at all the cute stickers! Any planner that has stickers is a winner for me! 
I also love the monthly layout with the little squares, as I’ve been noting the days I plan on posting on the blog, plus popping in birthdays and deadlines based on my work, so I can see where they fit in during the month as a whole. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever loved a piece of stationary so much!
 At the start of every month there are little notes sections, which I think is great, as it’s where I jot down ideas for monthly blog posts I plan on writing that month and write down the main goals based on my creative work as a designer and stylist. 
At the very end of the planner there are some pages so you can write some notes. There is always something to scribble down. 
Planner begins with the month of September'16 and ends in the month of December'17, so I admit that I'm a little bit sad I didn't buy it before but still happy that it fell into my hands.

And what about the back cover, where there’s a neat little pocket to keep documents or secret notes in. I love what's written on it: 'It's no secret. It's just not your business!'' Omg, love it!
I just love the baby blue cover with a golden headline in front: 'What's the plan?', and on the side: 'My Agenda', it’s so classy yet funky.
Hope that you enjoyed my review! xoxo SHABICH


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