Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Halloween Costume: Bride To Be

There is no denying it--the world is always going a little bit crazy for Halloween. I am always ready to take a break from the insanity and have a little bit of fun! Each of us must ask ourselves-,"What do I want to be for Halloween?" It's a question that is not always so easily answered. Get creative: If you have a particular character in mind but are worried that your choice feels a little blase or overdone, consider getting a little creative with your idea to make the character uniquely yours. Details, Details, Details! One of the absolute best ways to set your costume apart from the rest is through accessories. We just can't emphasize this enough! One of the most important ways to get into your character look is through costume makeup. Your face is always going to be the focal point of your look, no matter what costume you are wearing. Hope you guys enjoyed my look for this year's Halloween: 'the dead bride and groom', great idea for couples. 
Costume design & MakeUp: SHABICH by Samanta Šabić
Photo: Marko Ocepek
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