Monday, November 21, 2016

Costume Design for Empreus Dance Group

When designing for dance it is important to always be aware of the movement. I have been fortunate in my experience also as a dancer to have seen a great deal of dance before I was ever asked to design for dance. Of course, each project must be approached with some degree of individuality, so not all works will follow the same route in their development. Not only my job is to design costumes but also as a founder of Empreus dance group I have to regularly coordinate, determine and provide the concept for the shows in a cohesive whole. There is are a lot of different events and different themes you have to adapt to them so that your stage costumes can provide audiences with information about it. In this case the main task was to show the girls as the main ambassadors in Slovenia for the best herbal liqueur in the role as J-Team.
Costume design: SHABICH by Samanta Šabić
Hairstyle: Nina Smrekar Ivanič from Hair Studio Nik
Empreus dance group as J-Team: Maša PonikvarKaja FertinSara FerlićLara Štrukelj
Photo: Marko Ocepek
Costume design #1
Costume design #2


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