Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Costume design for J-Team Promo Video

The main job of costume design in a production is to enhance characterization to every artist through the clothingThe costume must work on set. This means it must provide comfort, flexibility and durability. At the same time the design must provide strong visual support of the story, concept and context of the play as a whole. It is my role to ensure that the costumes reflect the visual style of the production and help artist portray their characters on their journey through the action. In this case, I have two roles: creative director and costume designer. I had to create the characters of Empreus dance group and balance the scenes with texture and colour, working alongside with Mark Pirc from VACollective (visual arts communication agency). I also collaborate with hair stylist Nina Smrekar Ivanič from Hair studio Nik and makeup artist Anara. Our mission was to include the character of the best herbal liqueur in the world. The main task was to show the girls as the main ambassadors in Slovenia for this herbal liqueur in the role as J-Team.
Costume design: SHABICH by Samanta Šabić
Hairstyle: Nina Smrekar Ivanič from Hair Studio Nik
Makeup Artist: Anara
Empreus dance group as J-Team: Maša Ponikvar, Kaja Fertin, Sara Ferlić, Lara Štrukelj, Nika Glavnik
Photo: Marko Ocepek
Costume design #1
Costume design #2


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