Friday, April 08, 2016

DIY: Earrings in place

I'm always in a hurry and when I'm finally dressed up I remember to put some jewelry on but then I see that the things - jewelry in this scenario - are not in the right place. So I decided to do something about it and arrange every piece of my jewelry. I tend to lose my earrings first, doesn't matter how big they are. Then an idea poped on my mind. Take a look!
What you need:
* styrofoam
* superglue
* stanley knife

The firts step is to cut styrofoam with stanley knife into any shape and size you want. 

I decided to cut it in half.

Once you have created your form take your superglue and put it only on one side of styrofoam. If you like you can also cover the styrofoam board in fabric that matches your room for a chic way to keep your jewelry untangled. 

Then you push styrofoam and hold it tight for a few seconds to the selected location. In case you want to put jewelry organizer on the wall I suggest that you frame your styrofoam board.

Now just arrange your earings snd you are done!


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