Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Let'S Try It Out: Result Using Eveline Argan + Keratin Hair Products

Yesterday I wrote about shampoo and conditioner I bought to try it out. Why did I bought Eveline Cosmetics products? Because of two things #argan and #keratin. I was curious what the outcome will be. I can say I'm very pleased with the first hair washing using Eveline Argan + Keratin products. 
My hair is softer and it's moving nicely. After hair washing the hair is not greasy and after hair drying the hair isn't brittle and rough to the touch. Pictures are taken immediately after every step such as the final result without ironing the hair or applying some additional hair products.
picture taken after first washing
Process: 1. washing my hair twice with Eveline Argan + Keratin hair shampoo
2. applying Eveline Argan + Keratin conditioner for 3-5 minutes
3. after washing the conditioner I gently brushed my hair
4.  for a few minutes I covered my hair with a towel 5. hair drying
I am pleased with the the final result and with Eveline Argan + Keratin hair products. This certainly does not go in the trash can.

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