Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Interview With Hairstylist Nina Smrekar Ivanič

The first time I met this young and aspiring hairstylist Nina Smrekar Ivanič it was a few years ago. She impressed me with her precision and enthusiasm at work. Since then we have worked together on various projects like Hendrick's Gin event and also became good friends. She always has time to do my hair and with that she is just ''adding icing on the cake'' for my entire appearance. I wore her hairstyles for various events like Viktorji  (Slovenian award for media achievements and accomplishments in popular culture. They are following the example of Oscar), Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Ljubljana, Fetique Boutique, for diferent photoshootings, dance shows, Playboy events...etc. I am really glad to work with such positive-minded people full of energy like her so I invited her to do an interview with me. She is unquestioned talent and her many clients can attest.
Me and hairstylist Nina Smrekar Ivanič
When Nina finished hairdressing school first thing she did was getting her a job as a hairdresser. After searching and applying for a few job positions finally she went to her first job interview. The job interview didn't go as planned. ''It was horrible!'', says Nina. This dream-breaking experience made her promised herself that from that day forward she will never be a hairdresser. ''But thanks to my friend Patricija, she was pushing me to call one of the salon I know. She was so stuborn that in the end I had to say: ''ok I will call them!'', I remember it like it was yesterday. She told me at least ten times to do it but i was afraid of being disappointed again. I didnt have experience with hair at all. Cuz after the first interview I wanted to do everything else but hair.'', says Nina. Nina called them and they gave her an opportunity. So after few months of practicing and giving all her best Nina was finally hired. ''I was so happy because somebody saw potential in me and gave me the chance to learn more and to do what I love. It was about time'', says Nina.

Nina Smrekar Ivanič (Photo: Facebook)
That is how her hairdressing road started. In her case bad thing have happened at the beginning but if you are positive thinker you will always see the light at end of a tunnel. No matter what. We are always learning through life and of course through life we encounter lot of paths that have lot of obstacles and dead ends. But in the end you just have to turn into the other way and go straight forward. ''There was a lot of tears, happiness, smiles .. everything! But I never gave up. And now I am where I am!'', proudly says Nina.

Hairstyles by Nina Smrekar Ivanič (Photo: Facebook)
... What are the hottest trends for spring and summer 2016?
     NINA: Lately everybody wants to have more natural hair look. As you can see even blondes are trying to get more natural blonde hair color and not so much yellowish. Some of them still prefer more platinum but with a dash of silver. And we all know ombre. Am I right? So maybe you all noticed that ombre is slowly fading from the world of beauty. Balayage and flamboyage are replacing it. Everything is gonna to be circulating around balayage and flamboyage technique still. Technical and correctly highlights that looks like your hair was kissed from the sun. Just remember when we were little girls and our hair got highlights from the sun, that is how it should look like. It's all about warm colors like honey,vanilla,cocoa, warm shades of brown then we have pastel colors and the trend of gray hair. How do you determine the best color choices for your clients?
NINA: I always pick the best hair color for my clients on the basis of their complexion, skin tone, skin pigment, facial structure, eye color and also their character. Some of the clients usually tell uss what they prefer best some of them are just lost in this beauty world. In both cases clients have us to consult to. As educated hairdressers we can provide them an excellent advice. But still sometimes the clients are so heart set on that our advice can't prevent choosing colors. 

... Nina's favorite hair colors are pink, violet, mint green ... How safe is bleaching?
NINA: Well it depends. Bleaching is not bad if its made professionally and good!
As for me I am not a fan of 12% hydrogen and I never use it. Never! Despite of all the hair protectors we have (bondolux,olaplex... ) now days the bleaching is not bad as it was in the past. Of course after bleaching even today you need to take care of your hair. Use some repairing hair mask and hair oil. Which brands do you like to use?
NINA: Before and still now I am working with ColorUs. But I have to admit that my favorite two brands are Revlon and Matrix. And ofcourse I could never say never to BedHead products! They are the best!

... every woman needs a good mask in her life for silky smooth hair ... Have you personally worked with recognizable people?
NINA: Yes, I've worked with few. I will pointed to those who I really get along and they are awesome. Zlata Okugić, Sabina Remar, Amanda Šabič, Samanta Šabič, Pia Filipčič, Anja Jenko...etc. What do you love most about being a hairstylist?
NINA: Making people happy! For me it's like a blessing to see my client walking out of salon with a big smile on their face! And when they are coming back to me - sometimes just for a coffee and chitchat - they just put a smile on my face and that is the best thing ever! In that moment you feel like you're winning. For somebody to trust you to do something with their hair, yes that's a blessing. Sometimes I feel that my work with people is some kind of a mission because I just love doing what I do and everybody that knows me can tell you how much I love my job! 

... nowdays we have a lot of copycats and I like it unique ...


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