Friday, October 30, 2015

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2015 Ljubljana #day3

The evening started with video projections by artists from the region. We watched eight short movies, created by Anja Dragan (Happily Never After), Maya Nightingale (Awake), Marko Sovilj (The Bull And The Fear), Miha Kalan (Mehl), Mitja Christmas (Fashion Reel), Mladen Šarić (Boudoir Lust for Life), Nace Zavrl (Paint it Black), Saša Hess (I am Love) and Tomo Brejc (flaunt, Milles Teller).
Aljosa Bagola explaining about video projections (Photo: Jani Ugrin)
Event was based on awarding prestigious MBFA awards to the artist who's work proved the highest level of creativity, diversity, individuality, courage, personal note, actuality and design perfection. And the award goes to Sara Valenci. Congrats!
Nataša Peršuh, Sara Valenci receiving an award, Aljosa Bagola and Director of Autocommerce Rasto Oderlap (Photo: Jani Ugrin)
Show must go on. An 4m4z1ng fashion duo sisters Jelena and Svetlana Proković known as artistically perfected and recognizable brand JSP, presented us their edgy in front of white, red and black collors, collection for spring and summer 2016.
Jelena and Svetlana Proković (Photo: Jani Ugrin)

Photo: Iztok Kurnik and Jani Ugrin

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