Friday, September 04, 2015

Uniform Design for Hendrick's Gin

HENDRICK 'S GIN is really most unusual brand I know and that is also the main reason why I love this brand so much - also beacause of the amazing cocktails and unique Gin taste :)  -. I really wanted to be a part of it and so the final moment came and I sat down with Marko Trajber, brand manager for Hendrick's Gin Slovenia and we began to cooperate. Our first collaboration was for Hendrick's Air event back in May. I designed new uniforms for their hostesses according to the theme of the event. 

Hendrick's hostesses wearing my design
 from head to toe.
Now I can say that I am a part of the Most Unusual Society and I am looking forward to further projects.
Marko Trajber, Brand manager for Hendrick's Gin Slovenia, was also in theme mood.
Me and Marko Trajber.
I have to say thank you to hairstylist Nina Smrekar, who developed my pin-up hairstyle concept.
And also thank you to Diva Butik and their red shoes which completed the look of uniforms.
Me and Elfete Veliu, owner of Diva Butik.
Red lace gloves were important detail.
We'll see you at the next Hendrick's event!
Photo: Aleksandar Domitrica

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